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The greatest thing you'll ever learn

is just to love, and be loved in return

6 October 1985
I'm a recreational administration major and a fashion merchandising minor. Basically, I want to recreate in style.
I like to dance. I was in dance for 15 years.
I also like to sing.
I wish I could be in an awesome band and I could be the lead singer.
but that will never happen because: I don't like singing in front of people and
a musician's life is not the life for me.
I love my volvo, my kitty Tater, and crafting.
I enjoy sitting by the river and watching the water.
Sweet-tarts are my favorite candy.
Diet Dr. Pepper is the best.
There's nothing better than getting flowers for no particular reason
I'm quiet, but once you get to know me, I can be obnoxious.
I like to dress up, but rarely do.
Shopping is my weakness.
If I eat cereal, it must be from a cup. I know, it's odd.